ERISA 3(16) Administrator System

Target Retirement Approach

The purpose of this process is to answer the investor question, "What should I do now?"

No one can tell you exactly how to invest. This tool is a guide based on professional guidelines and experience. The mathematically derived asset allocation calculated for you is based on the objective data that you input into the calculator. You will make the final decision of how your investments will be allocated between "equity performing investments" which have a greater volatility in value fluctuations compared to "non-equity performing investments." (See definitions on results page)

In addition to considering the "objective" risk based asset allocation range calculated, it is important that you consider your subjective feelings about investing. Investors experience powerful subjective emotions when the markets move down. It is important to invest so that you will restrain from making snap judgment emotional decisions during large market down turns.

The processes, calculations, and results contained within this investment asset allocation system are © Copyright 2009, US Retirement Plan Portfolio Advisors, LLC.

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