ERISA 3(16) Administrator System

The person, persons (committee), or entity appointed by the employer to administer the Plan, or, if the Employer fails to make such an appointment, the Employer.

Here are just a couple examples:

Failure to distribute timely information to participants and beneficiaries.
Penalty of up to $1,100.00 per day per participant

"Prohibited Transactions" - Failure to use care, skill, prudence and diligence and not acting solely in the interest of participants and beneficiaries.
Penalty of 15% of amount involved each year violation exists

Yes! Fiduciary Guardian’s ERISA 3(16) Administrator System.

Permanent and accessible record of:
  1. Participant contact information >
  2. Delivery of required plan notifications >
  3. Salary deferral, catch up and taxation elections >
  4. Beneficiary designations >
  5. Participation summary >
  6. Investor risk tolerance evaluations >
  7. On-line investment education >
  8. Plan documents, participant communications and required notices >
Fiduciaries and participants have easy access to contact information. This information is maintained on-line by the participant. Every change made is date and time stamped and permanently maintained in the system. Close
All documents that are required to be delivered by notification are required to be viewed by the participant. All electronic delivery is date and time stamped and maintained in the system. Participant may print or request hard copy of each required notification. Close
Dynamic forms direct participants through steps for salary deferrals, catch-up and taxation elections by intuitively and automatically identifying the information required for completion of proper 401(k) enrollment. Close
Participants are guided through the various conditions associated with designating their beneficiaries that automatically populate or update the appropriate designations based on personal profile information recorded for each participant. Close
A concise, one-page summary is automatically generated, capturing salary deferral elections, beneficiary designation, required documents/notifications, risk score and risk classification, and education, any time the participant updates or makes changes to that information. This provides a convenient record for the participant to save or share with the 401(k) administrator. Close
Participants are guided through easy steps to establish and evaluate their tolerance for risk when making investments in their plan. Their risk score and evaluation form the basis for their plan investments. Close
One of the most comprehensive, yet simple to use online investment education programs available is an integral part of Fiduciary Guardian. Brief narrated slide presentation segments with helpful graphics and charts make financial education available to participants anytime... even from their home. Close
Integral to Fiduciary Guardian is instant, 24-7, downloadable access to relevant documents, communications, notices, and forms that create a written history of fiduciary actions and plan rights, benefits, and features. All of the above can be uploaded to the system for permanent storage and easy access. Close

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Advantages for
Employer Fiduciaries,
ERISA 3(38) Fiduciaries,
ERISA 3(21) Fiduciary Advisors

  • Satisfies fiduciary responsibility to provide prudent investment education
  • Eliminates employee time spent during the workday
  • Enhances employee education better than on-site meetings
  • Reduces plan sponsor and plan participant costs
  • Delivers a more thorough and consistent education message

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Advantages for
24/7 access to
enrollment and education

  • Receive your retirement financial education in the privacy of your own home
  • View the class sessions when you like, as often as you like... at your convenience
  • Acquire answers to your investment questions
  • Generate your investor profile and determine your risk tolerance score
  • Learn how to properly invest in less than fifty minutes
  • Request a Personal Portfolio recommendation

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